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Bobwhite Quail 

Mourning Dove 

Prairie Chicken

Ring-Necked Pheasant

Ruffed Grouse

Wild Turkey 


Ageing a Whitetail deer

Just how old is that deer of Yours???



Where the buffalo roam on the World Wide Web. This is the most comprehensive bison information website on the internet today.


Chronic wasting disease Update  


CWD precautions for handling and processing deer.

Chronic wasting disease, or CWD, is a fatal disease that attacks whitetail deer, blacktail deer, mule deer, and elk. Scientists believe it is caused by a protein called a prion. Prions concentrate where there is a lot of nerve tissue, such as the brain, spinal cord, eyes, and in the lymph nodes and spleen. Prions haven’t been found in meat (muscle tissue). Because we know where prions are found, Wisconsin’s Food Safety Division recommends these common-sense measures to remove them from venison products.

According to the World Health Organization, there is no evidence that chronic wasting disease passes to human beings.


Duck Hunting

Basic on Calling and Decoy setups.


Field Dressing Whitetail Deer

Ten basic steps to complete field dressing and Butchering up you deer to save you $$$.


Moon Phase Calendar

All the moon phases and sunrise/sunset time for any time of the year


Spring Turkey Hunting Tips

Strategies for finding your Spring Gobbler 


Topographical Maps

The TopoZone.com is the Web's center for recreational and professional topographic map users. The Web's first interactive topo map of the entire United States.


In pursuit of Urban Geese

Many a goose man has gazed upon these large flocks of urban birds with a gleam in his eye and wondered how to get after these birds.  Make no mistake about it, these birds can be hunted.  Like all other methods of hunting the Canada goose, hunting urban geese revolves around access and scouting.

Waterfowl Identification Guide

This guide will help you recognize birds on the wing.

It emphasizes their fall and winter plumage patterns as well as size, shape, and flight characteristics.


West Nile Virus

With  hunting season just around the corner, hunters want to know about the risk of contracting West Nile (WN) Virus from either handling or consuming wild game birds.


Wood Duck House Plans     Wood Duck Houses for sale $45

Complete planes on building and putting up a wood duck house.


Mallard Hen House Plans

Sometimes called “Mallard Factories”, these easy to build and install structures give mallard hens a safe place to lay their eggs in the spring, away from increasing numbers of prairie predators such as raccoons and skunks. Research has shown that on average, a hen mallard will have a successful nest about 80% of the time in a Hen House, whereas nests on the ground may have only a 0-20% chance of surviving.


WI Lakes Fishing Information

Information about area lake in the whole state of Wisconsin. to include max depth,  public access and what kind of fish are present in the lake. Also see Lake Maps for a topo of most lakes.


Ice Fishing Hotspots

If you just want to catch a mess of fish, try these waters.


Icing Southeast Wisconsin Pike

Our top 10 picks for hearing the sweet symphony of fins slapping on the ice. We point you in the right direction.


Southern Wisconsin Smallmouth

River cleanups, special regulations and a catch-and-release ethic all have contributed to improved fishing for smallmouth bass in the southern half of our state.


Wisconsin's Best Spring Walleye Rivers

Our expert tells you about his favorite hotspots and how to catch fish when you get there.


DNR Fish Identification Guide

WI DNR Field Guides for fish found in the local Lake, Rivers and streams


e-Nature Fish Identification Guide

E nature fish guild with colorful pictures of fish found thru-out the US


Trout & Salmon Identification Guide
These illustrations make it easy to tell the differences between Coho and Chinook salmon, as well as steelhead, rainbows, lake trout and brown trout.


   Houses and Gardens


Bat House Information

You will benefit from having fewer yard and garden pests and will enjoy learning about bats.


Bird House Information   Blue Bird Houses For sale $20 Each

Wrens, bluebirds and tree swallows are the birds most commonly attracted to single-unit, enclosed bird houses. What you can do to bring them to your yard.


Butterfly Gardening

What to Grow to make A Butterfly garden in your backyard.


Flying squirrels

Despite their name, are actually incapable of true flight. However, a loose fold of skin, which stretches between their front and hind legs, and a flat tail, enables them to glide for distances of 60 feet or more. How to build a flying squirrel House


Growing and Managing Successful Food Plots for Wildlife For multiple kind of Wildlife. In pdf Format.


Monarch Butterflies

Wonderful Conservation site all about monarch butterflies. Learn more about the spectacular migration that millions of Monarchs make each year. And even tagging and even raising your own. 


Large Silk moths (SATURNIIDAE) of North America

A great identification guide and tips on raising large silk moths.


Exotic Plant Information Center

This page raises awareness of several invasive non-native plants and their ecological impacts in the upper Great Lakes region. Provides effective tools for your educational, management, and research needs.


Purple Loosestrife Control Recommendations

Purple loosestrife (PL)(Lythrum salicaria) is a serious pest in Wisconsin because it is non-native, spreads quickly because of its enormous seed production and displaces native wetland plants, often becoming the local wetland dominant.


Sound Of Nature

The sound of birds that you may hear while enjoying the out of doors.


Wisconsin Apples

Facts about Apples from Wisconsin, health benefits ,cooking tip and typical harvest dates.