Wood Duck House Clean out,

March 26th. Meet at Token Creek park. off Highway 51,  Second parking lot at 9am. Rain Or Shine.


Membership meeting.  These are family event, all are welcome!

March 28th Membership Meeting Tracy Hames, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Wetlands Association will discuss the good news and bad news about the status of Wisconsin's wetlands.  Powerpoint presentation included.

April 20th DCCL Banquet at REX's  in Waunakee

April 8th Farm Tree Planting. Rain Date April 15th.

April 15th Opening of the Farm and Highway Clean up! 8am.

April 29th Bat House Building.  meet at the farm 8am.

Remember When The farm  Opens.  There is always work to be done every week. 8am every Saturday.

NOTE:  Now is the time if you have not done it already is to renew your DCCL membership.

  Come like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/DCCL.ORG or Become a online Group member




In the past, members had to work 15 hours per year on DCCL projects to get 15 birds.  That rule is still in play.  But, there is a second option now available.  A member can work 10 hours per year and earn 10 birds.  However, working 11-14 hours is still considered 10 hours.   Keep in mind that a family membership allows immediate family members to combine work hours for birds.  

 Can’t find time to work on any projects????    Now for every new membership you sell, you are awarded three work hours towards birds.  You may pick up membership forms at a membership meeting or print them off of the website.  Be sure to indicate on the application that you referred the new applicant.


Unfortunately, we had some winter storm damage this year at the farm.  Some poles were tipped and some netting was ripped.  It can all be repaired, but we will need some labor this spring to get things back in shape.   We have ordered 1,000 Manchurian cross birds form MacFarlane’s to be delivered the week of May 8.   A couple of pens need to be tilled and seeded with new vegetation so that we can get rid of some of the thistles that are taking over.  Don’t wait until July to come out; much help is needed in May and June.  



As mentioned above, this is our first attempt at mass electronic communication with members.  There are more events to be scheduled this spring and we will let you know via your electronic device.   We know that we will have to work some things out with everyone to make this a success.  Let us know what you think.   


Conserve Now That The Future May Live!!