Our annual meeting held at Schwoegler’s Lanes on Tuesday, January 23, 2024, was well attended (but always happy to have more members in attendance).  Pizza was consumed and raffle prizes given away.  Thank you to Sharon Schwab, Tim Heindl, Lowell Carter, John Center and Monica Spaeni for their time and effort these past year(s) serving on the DCCL board.  Nominations for the 4 vacancies were made and votes cast.  Our new members to the board are: Dan Stepper, John Ebsen, Sharon Schwab (re-elected) and Tim Heindl (re-elected).  The new board proceeded to elect officers for this year.  They are Tim Heindl (President), Tom Ripp (Vice President), Chris Worley (Secretary) and Jeff Bloomer (Treasurer).


If you have not renewed your 2024 membership please click on this link Print Membership online (dccl.org) .


Upcoming events:

¤ Wisconsin Fishing Expo (2024 WI Fishing Expo - Wisconsin Fishing Expo) is February 23rd – 25th.  Tom Klinbiel is looking for volunteers to help out at the Expo in the DCCL information booth.  Please contact Tom if interested at: tom.klingbiel@gmail.com .


¤ DNR Wildlife Biologist Erin Grossman will be our guest speaker February 27th at the membership meeting.  Erin will be discussing Prairie Chicken management at Buena Vista.


¤ Wisconsin | Open Season Sportsman's Expo (openseasonsportsmansexpo.com)  is March 22nd-24th.  Richard Brye is looking for volunteers to help out at the Expo in the DCCL information booth.  Please contact Richard if interested at: rbrye@charter.net 


¤ Heather Doughtery, NRCS Farm Bill Biologist, will be the guest speaker at the March 26th membership meeting.


¤ WI Prairie Chicken Festival April 12th-14th (Wisconsin Prairie Chicken Festival | All About Birds All About Birds).  Contact Sharon Schwab at:  sschwab@flarkinc.com to find out if observation spots are still available.  They are free to DCCL members!  You might ask, “What’s the connection between DCCL and Prairie Chickens?”  Answer - DCCL owns land critical to the Prairie Chicken around Buena Vista Wildlife area in central Wisconsin.


¤ The DCCL banquet will be held at The Red Mouse located at 3738 County Rd. P, Pine Bluff on April 18th.  5:30 P.M. Social 7:00 P.M. Dinner (LIMITED TO 150 PEOPLE).  Members will be receiving an invite soon.




¤ The Pheasant Farm opens up for work activities on May 1st at 8:00 AM.  We will be preparing to receive 1000 pheasant chicks!  If you put in 12 volunteer work hours you are eligible to receive a certain number (determined later based on survival) of pheasants in the fall.  


¤ Bluebird house assembly event coming this spring (date/time/location to be determined).  To see past  bluebird events, check out our Facebook page pictures: Facebook 













Questions?  Visit our website at: About the DCCL. You can also send us an email at: dccl@dccl.org






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