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 DCCL 2014 Winter  Newsletter

Purple Loose-Strife Workday – Saturday, April 5

Saturday, April 5, at 9:00 am has been set for our annual PURPLE LOOSE-STRIFE PROJECT. We will meet at Dunlop Hollow, the intersection of Hwy 78 and Wilkinson Road. This is north of Rookies, which is located near the intersection of Hwy 14 and Hwy 78. Proceed north on 78 about three miles to Wilkinson, Dunlop Hollow is on the east side of 78. See our website,, for directions or contact Dave Pulda at 845-9892 or email,, with any questions. With a good crew we should be done in two hours..

The League has had great success with Dane County’s most troublesome purple loose-strife site, Dunlop Hollow. We will move two or three pens we have there now to new spots. Again, to get to the site, take Hwy 78 north from Rookies and go about three miles. Dunlop Hollow is a large open site on the east side of 78.

The pens are 12’*12’*6’ high walk-in lumite cages, supported by structure pipe and special fittings. We will clear the soil of deadfall and dead grasses. Once constructed, the DNR and their students will visit the sites on a periodic basis and, will place 1,000 beetles in each pen. When the time is right the beetles are released in August, each pen will have 100,000 beetles ready to start working on the loose-strife. The beetles are the only known means to reduce loose-strife, as this is their known food source. The federal government has approved their use, and the feds are also evaluating another beetle with the hope it can irradiate the mustard plant that is becoming a huge burden to eradicate.

All you will need are rubber boots as this is a wetland area and the frost and snow may be gone so it could be a little soft. The League will ensure that the right tools are available to make our job easier. Make an impact on controlling this invasive plant by spending some quality time with fellow League members and a great setting. Snacks will be available with water, tea and pop.

You may pay your annual dues that night, also. 
2004  DCCL Scholarship Spotlight
Barbara Heindl, received the award in 2004 as a West High (Madison) graduate. She initially attended UW-Stevens Point and then transferred to the UW-Madison where she graduated in 2009 with degrees in Wildlife Ecology (Ag School) and the Biological aspects of Conservation (L&S). She initially spent 6-months with the US Forest Service doing bird and vegetation surveys in New Mexico. She had previously done work for the USGS in Alaska and the International Crane Foundation.

For the past 3 years, she has been in Hawaii (tough job, but someone has to do it) with the Kauai Forest Bird Recovery Project. See:  She is their head field tech and does her research in the Alakai Swamp just short of the summit of the extinct volcano. She is one of a handful of individuals who are expert on the Puaioho (Small Kauai Thrush), one of the most endangered birds on the planet.
This is a feature that the UW Ag school just did in their quarterly magazine, Grow. See:

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